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Note: Zoom & GoToMeeting are 3rd party online meeting solutions that are currently used to provide online meetings to Financial Perspectives’s (“FP”) customers. FP personnel can view or share control of the remote computer, chat, and highlight sections of the customer’s screen without the need to pre-install software. Zoom & GoToMeeting are reactive, permission-based support tools. FP personnel can only remotely access a FP customer’s device with that customer’s explicit permission – permission that must be granted each and every time a customer requests support. Support from FP may be initiated in other methods. This product information should not be considered an endorsement or support by FP. FP may discontinue use of these tools without prior notice. The information being provided is strictly as a courtesy. When you link to any of these websites provided herein, Financial Perspectives makes no representation as to the completeness or accuracy of the information provided at these sites. Financial Perspectives is not liable for any direct or indirect technical or system issues or any consequence arising out of your access to or your use of the third-party technologies, sites, information and programs made available through this site.