President’s Welcome

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Since entering the wealth management business in 1994, I have been witness to the dramatic emotional swings that our markets can inflict upon the average investor. In the late ’90’s we experienced the exhilarating lead up to “Y2K” and the “irrational exuberance” that came along with it, only to be followed by three years of fear and anxiety for anybody nearing or currently in the retirement stage of their life. In 2003, we enjoyed the beginning of a five year bull run only to be followed by the worst investing year and economic environment since the great depression.

At FP, we have been incredibly fortunate to experience continued growth throughout all of the ups and downs in the markets and economic landscape. Of even greater significance, is that our growth has been largely attributed to referrals from existng clients to co-workers, friends, and family. This is something that my brother Mike took great pride in, and I carry that pride as Mike’s successor.

We are very proud of the firm that we have built and the principles on which it has been built. We look forward to continued growth for many years to come and to having the opportunity to earn your trust and confidence as you embark on, or continue your financial journey.

Daniel J Dugan, President

History of Financial Perspectives

From Past

Origins of Execution

Financial Perspectives (FP) was founded by Michael T. Dugan in 1985 with a vision to create a full service wealth management firm founded on the principles of integrity and honesty. His mission was to provide FP’s clients with indispensable financial advice enabling them to achieve their goals and objectives.

Starting any business is a challenge, but so is life. Mike’s father died of a heart attack at the young age of 42. As the oldest of 7, the loss of a father at the age of 19 changes one’s perspective on life. Mike developed a desire to help others plan their financial futures. In 1985, FP incorporated and Mike’s vision began.

To Present

Pursuit of Excellence

In 2001, Mike was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease called Scleroderma. He fought long and hard, but passed away in March of 2005. Mike’s vision and legacy is carried on through Dan’s leadership. The FP Team provides its clients with the same values and vision.

In 2010, FP began a new chapter. For the first time since its founding more than 25 years ago, FP changed broker/dealers. FP has grown substantially and it was in the best interest of the firm and its clients to partner with a new broker/dealer. With this change, FP is able to implement not only financial planning but investment advisory services. FP continues to be a family-run business guided by the same values that were its foundation, and partnering with its clients through their financial journey.

Quick Facts

Daniel J. Dugan Headshot
Facts accurate as of June 30, 2015

Exceptional Service

We are in the relationship business. Our mission statement is to provide our clients with indispensable, holistic financial advice helping them to achieve their goals and objectives. Having the pleasure of being intricately involved in the lives of our clients necessitates exceptional customer service. We follow three steps to continually improve our client’s lives.

  • Be client obsessed

    We constantly look for what the client wants and cater our services to the clients’ needs.

  • Listen and understand

    We listen to our clients’ needs to better our service and firm.

  • Constantly improve

    We dedicate the time and resources necessary to improve our client service and better our firm.

While it is important to talk about our service, what is more important is that we live by our service. No one will know if that is true until you have experienced it. Come meet us and decide for yourself.